Info On Cash Register

Guangzhou Lixmark computer co., is the production of readers barcode and POS systems, unique bar code of cash registers and normally do not write comments. but I felt that I was not. It is some time we bought this money for my 3-year-old niece and he and my daughter is 2 years younger, I wanted to play with him (by the way, it works always). So, we finally bought one for my daughter for the third anniversary. The first came from the broken window. Open the key does not work, and we are not able to open the drawer. Thus, he sent to Amazon and quickly replaced (was within 30 days of return). It was in November. So a month #after 8 months uses more or less, the cashier comes from has stopped to work. Replace the batteries and press the reset button (this is where the tell all book - could the scanner - Info On Cash Register was at the bottom of the machine) and still nothing. I called Amazon to try, you mind, my 3 ° efficient - get someone else and they told me, that this is beyond the 30 day return policy and that he should call the company. I called the customer service at 5 times, in mid-August. (1) three times, they told me, you want to send a message and a call to someone. No call single return. For the fourth time, I finally have a supervisors concerned that while a company contact me. This contact said that it is in the contract that they have with Amazon and call me. It was September 2 and still no phone call. So, Yes, this toy is lots of fun and education, but only if it works. And if you break, good luck trying after 30 days, you have a replacement part to lose time in the talks after learning resources. Terrible customer service. I declare that me is my only remedy at this point - my bad experience. My 7 year old daughter loves this money. She is interested to learn how to change this and has a built-in games. Buy super product! Posted by Amazon customer days ago. This had voted 5 stars by year until late last week, when it broke. 3 1/2 years and enjoyed, and the toy's functionality is ideal for this age. But he has stopped working recently and says open tray no matter what they try to do. After trying to restore the registry (does not), I have studied and learned it only 30 days. 30 days? Really? It's pathetic. Always very helpful I decided to RIP and attempt to resolve the problem. What I found, a small gesture which was mown switch located on the back of the box office. This switch allows you to contact and close a connection when the drawer is closed. The problem is that this switch with two less thin pieces of metal and not only support open on several occasions the map and each child certainly the unit requires close, was created.I see two serious design flaws. This particularly thin metal switch (the Flex when the drawer open/closed) part of the machine is easily the most 'exercises' and it was clearly designed to work. Secondly, if this piece is distributed (inevitable in my opinion) register not only complete «restaurants» leave the drawer open/closed and locked, open tray, 'Show' and does not work. This is unforgivable and a design of serious defects.To correct this article, I finished my contact with cable, some parts/electronic waste, switch so that when the drawer is closed, it will fill the circuit and the newspaper to reactivate the operational function. My friend was happy, that my Saturday morning was drunk this Bericht.Dieses results (close to two hours) and design error indirect even if I really like this product. However, not all may be hard as well. I have to learn, while she begins to think about the money for the school's money for my daughter. It is now 8 and even 5 loves to play with sa-year-old brother. It has been more than a year and they have to replace the batteries not. It is resistant and fun. The voice is very easy to understand, and all the buttons work as it should. I highly recommend this toy. ,,.