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It is easier to change the value of the number, because it is not duplicated. Change the value of which is subject to a magic number, because often times uses the same value in different places within a program. Also, when can two semantically different variables or numbers the same value inadvertently two modified collection be. To modify the first example to shuffle a can read and to analyze the information is, number of files, and the file that is used interpreting magic magic. The utility of Windows. If it is not in use, close to a constant named harms the Community (and therefore easier to understand) the code. Put in a far away place 52 perhaps means that you understand as cycle full (E.g. appreciate when loop execution), must seek, is the setting and reviewing the expected number. Variable magic number instructions are usually at the top of a function or file, facilitating review and change. It does the job: for i from 1 to 52, j: = i + RandomInt (53-i) - 1 A. Swapentries (i, j) where a is an array object, a random integer between 1 and X, then up to the function RandomInt select and SwapEntries (i, j) Exchange the elements of an array, i, and j. In the previous example, the 52 is a magic number. He is considered better programming style, to write the following: constant int DECK resize: 52 for 1 to DECKSIZE = j: = i + RandomInt (DECKSIZE + 1-i) - 1 A. Swapentries (i, j) is preferable for several reasons: easier to read and to understand. Questions the first example for reading are programmers, which means that the number 52? Because 52? The programmer can derive after reading carefully the code the meaning, but it is not clear. Magic Numbers are particularly confusing when the same number for different purposes in a section of code is used. Exec () function of UNIX in the header, 8 bytes of executable image, and the beginning of the Programms.Die, you go sixth and seventh editions of UNIX employed paging code, the dual role of the header constant was hidden. In other words, the exec() function read the executable file header (-) in some contexts, the use of numeric constants without a generally accepted name (and probably not the magic). While Magic Article Rewriter Registration Code this acceptance is subjective and often depends on individual coding habits, what follows, is the most common examples: the name chosen, to be useful, that the program can generate the code is easier to understand, a person other than the original author. An example of constant call of Intuitivement is not of type int 8 = 16, int NUMBER_OF_BITS = 16 is meaningful.Problems relating to the 'Magic Numbers' described above are not limited to numeric types, and the term also applies to other data types where declaring a constant name would be flexible and communicative. Operating system and, even though it has lost its original meaning, the term has become a magic number part of the vocabulary of the computer industry.When. It is indicated for treatment of the expression DECKSIZE + 1 operation value 53 slower. (However most modern compilers and interpreters make use of the fact that the DECKSIZE variable as a constant is declared and previously calculate the value 53 in the compiled code. It is usually not therefore no speed advantage to use magic numbers in code). portable video game systems have fixed a magic number 48 bytes or b 156, respectively, in the header. This magic number encodes a bitmap image of the. the values are common. Numerically odd values prefer, so that processors without byte addressing error message when you try to use them (which must fall in the same direction) as a pointer. The slightly less likely addresses Select the values, (static data code program data heap or stack) are. You can in the same way, are not valid codes on the instructions of the given Architektur.Denn that is unlikely, although it is possible, would to a certain 32-bit integer this value, which result in appearance of a numbering system. The expected some IP cameras reader sends this magic number and the workflow does not start, if there is no magic number received. Increase the length of the line of source code, forcing the lines will be broken when many constants in the same row are used. with a magic cookie packages 0