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. All information provided for informational purposes only, is not for sale or advice. Yahoo!, nor independent providers is liable for errors or delays in incomplete information or for actions based on the information. By accessing the Yahoo! site, you agree not to distribute the information contained therein.Basic data of the company. . All the data provided by Thomson Financial Network is based solely on information from research provided by third party analysts. Yahoo has not reviewed and supports the validity of the data in any way. Yahoo! and ThomsonFN is not authorized for responsible actions. He received a call from him by an alumnus jars of a residue on the clay of the Tomb to inform ' action. The brewery Dogfish Head omits approximately 1 700-1 800 cases per month for dealers. At the time of the discovery of Elixir Golden King Midas was discovered oldest fermented beverage recipe. The brewery Dogfish Head today holds the record with a recipe of 9,000 years of Chateau Jiahu, which was published in July 2007. Elixir gaming technologies, Inc. has wisely expands its management team with the last setting, a number of management experts and executives of the gaming industry, all of Asia are based. Oil and gas exploration international manufacturer Elixir revealed the intentions of the company to focus on new opportunities of 2010 during its annual presentation of the general Assembly. Blue oar, Elixir's real estate agent, said that earnings for the fiscal year 2009 could be June to $5 million. This makes the current value of the relatively modest target market even before taking the exploration potential in consideration. 13/15/13bBlock 15 b is located about 20 miles from the area of Piper (1 trillion barrels) and near the Kildrummy (15/12) and the discoveries (13/15 a) campaign. The license contains significant and led the possibilities in the tertiary, Jurassic and permanent determine horizon. The Paleocene was seen in Guinea in February 2007, Farminee, Nexen petroleum, Perce. Unfortunately, the source was closed and later found abandoned hydrocarbons. Elisir made entirely with good residual retention receivable 13.125%. However the Empire Deepr not tested by the remnants of the block, especially an Eagle late Jurassic called perspective. A track of Zechstein was also identified already. I work more technical to fully assess this remaining Empire carried out. 13/25Located 25 miles to the Northwest of the area of the captain (350 million barrels), this license offers several potentially large Empire Jurassic of the Mesozoic structures. At the door of the tank, the tank of the giant field is similar to the injectors. All perspectives is capable of self-development. Identified at the beginning of the Cretaceous offers another advantage in this area. 21/4bElixir second was pierced the Muness perspective 21/4, block b for agriculture in the license. Muness was stratigraphical sandstone Kopervik perspective the trend with the field of Brodgar condensation. The tank was found near forecasts, and although hydrocarbon shows took place, was discovered by commercial hydrocarbons. The Association focuses on the Empire still in the block. 21/16bElixir and his partner's joint venture company, DNO and exploration of sami, block received licensing round 21/16 b, UKCS on February 24, 2007. The lock is located in the central region of the Northwest of Graben only Southern sites of Durward and fearless. We have identified four areas in the upper Jurassic fulmar-arena in the block. These perspectives of risk is further scheduled before a leasing campaign. Oil elixir is an international company for exploration and production at the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: EXR) list.Elixir has an interest in the production of gas and condensate fields located in the Gulf of Mexico and focuses on exploration and licensing of assessment in the North Sea work Elixir United Kingdom even for the exploration licenses in the Paris Basin is on the ground in the northeast of France Europe designed by Elixir was a space exploration on the basis of the opinion that it is a region very promising for the gascomprese of non-conventional oil and gas resources. Benefits of the area's low political risk, a huge energy market, attractive tax conditions and the infrastructure established for oil and Gas Das dish tray in the Gulf of Mexico is an interesting area to evaluate and establish ways to control and has a higher operating environment in other regions with the help of Cash Elixir Info the desire of oil platforms and services industry petroliferaun complete infrastructure and short cycle times usually for the first production. The group with the money from the sale of the production of gas and condensate of Elixir of tender from fields in the Gulf of Mexico. Elixir StrategyElixir grow your business and achieve the diversification of risk in focusing on the development and production of installations located firstly in shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the possibility of high impact exploration and evaluation in the North and the mar-Sierra Leone Elixier sea growth. on the value of the company through: * quickly identify and attach a vision for exploration of the economic base in the world. Thanks to advanced technologies and to evaluate their skills, experiences and perspectives of exploration majority within its portfolio in state ready to penetrate me. * Explore the prospects for the agricultural industry, all United in one only in order to achieve an optimal balance between risk and profitability for the shareholders of drilling * efficiently transmit all discoveries for commercial production. * aggressive investigation and protection of interests in the development and production of projects of diversification and balance of exploration activity. * participate as a partner of company joint in developing countries to ensure a timely additions to reserves, production and flow of cash from the Group and low cost projects. * develop key relationships in the industry and will enable the company to maximize efficiency, control costs and access to a variety of expertise from the oil and gas industry. * Use a combination of technical excellence, innovation, speed and flexibility of the company portfolio and access new opportunities on the tire. Projects image of British project in the North Sea in the North Sea to the North of the North Sea project b 18/211211 DiargramBlock/18bBlock, West field of thistle (billion barrels) for application of traditional license has been attributed. There are possibilities of Leopard in a Jurassic stratigraphic. Although this upper Jurassic has not been actively pursued in the British game in the North of the North Sea, it showed a similar piece from the Norwegian side of the midline between the Borg. Looking for Leopard is partially open and wait for the 211/22bBlock 2008Block will begin to drill in these opinions in H2, 211/22 (b), East of the cormorant (650 million barrels) has organized a great cover of the Jurassic and perspective half called Jaguar 211/22 b-5 in the first half of the year was tested in 2006. It was the first test of the Elixir of the upper Jurassic in the northern part of the North Sea. Commercial hydrocarbons found at this stage not to intercept the source of residual oil in the Jurassic. This resulted in the Kingdom of the southern part of license verification and review of protocols of a source in the title of the South in 1970 has punctured. This review revealed a column of oil of 7 m from the fountain and the interpretation of seismic data 3D with the success of adjacent road development has led to the allocation of a 20 million barrels of oil called Kelly discovery block 22/211 b. joint plans to test the options of Maku and I hope you click an evaluation in 2008. For more details on the project in the North in the North Sea to drill. ,,.